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School Bus Simulation

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Do not miss this great simulation game, in which you will get behind the wheel of a school bus and help children get to school safely and timely. So go to the garage to choose a vehicle you want to drive. Once you decide what bus you want to test, start moving along the town streets. The road is full of other cars – you need to skillfully navigate between them to avoid an accident. Are you still ready to take on this role and successfully cope with it?

What is your mission?

You will see a special arrow above your bus. You need to monitor it as it shows the route you need to follow. Park the bus in the parking lot and wait for you little passengers to take their seats. Now you are ready to start your trip. Do not forget that the safety of children is in your hands, so do not ignore traffic lights as you drive and respect all road rules not to collide into anything. This cool simulator will greatly improve your driving skills and just allow you to have fun. So do not lose time – join it straight away!

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