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Sakura School Simulator 2

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Are you looking for a new funny simulator to enjoy? Then we offer you to plunge into a thrilling school life – it is Sakura School Simulator 2! This new game will immerse you into a new environment where you will interact with lots of other characters. You will meet both friends and enemies and will need to find ways to deal with them. Are you ready for this new experience? Let’s not waste any more time and start on this adventure straight away!

What is your mission here?

Everyone will find an activity to their taste in this exciting game. If you prefer a calm and quiet life, you can focus on making new acquaintances and fiends. You can develop your relationships, fall in love, attend school and just enjoy a peaceful routine. But if you feel it is boring and monotonous, you can take a different path. There are a lot of crazy things you can do here. So all fans of action games can find enough of weapons and explore the YAKUZA headquarters. You will have to master various devices and get ready to confront your enemies! There are lots of fights awaiting you in the gameplay but they are not cruel at all. There is no blood and death scenes in this fabulous simulator. All your opponents will only be stunned and come back to their senses in some time.

Accomplish lots of missions!

You will have no time to be bored here. There are dozens of exciting missions awaiting you in the plot. Your character is a usual student. You just need to decide on whether you are going to be a girl or a boy and customize the protagonist to your liking. It is only your decision whether you are a diligent personage or the one who creates chaos around. Move around the location, meet other heroes, visit their homes and establish different types of relations. You will plunge into a series of endless mini-games where you need to complete various tasks and earn experience points. There are no restrictions here – do whatever you want for the best fun possible. You will find yourself in a lot of adventurous situations an average student may get in. And do not forget to cope with the main mission – you must defeat YAKUZA leader! No matter what you are doing here, you will love the story full of crazy events!

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