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Sakura School Simulator 2022

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Are you looking for colorful adventures? Take a minute to test Sakura School Simulator. You will find yourself in a Japanese town where you play a role of a usual student. You are free to explore the location, meet other characters her and just live your own life. And it depends only on you whether your life is going to be interesting and cool!

Do not be lazy to complete missions!

The plot offers you a number of missions to complete. They are very diverse – you will have to find and kill Yakuza leaders, you will need to attend different classes at school at designated time, you should earn money by making friends with particular characters and much more. The player is encouraged to interact with the surrounding world as much as possible. You can make friends or enemies, and even start dating here. There is a lot of romance waiting for you in this case. You will be able to participate in many mini-games to increase your reputation. They all come with puzzles, quests and other missions you need to complete to receive the reward. Do not miss updates that are regularly added to the game, making it even more engaging!

Are you a good or a bad character?

The authors of the projects allow players to decide for themselves in which direction to pump their hero. You can opt for a peaceful life and just have fun performing everyday routine. In this case, you should diligently attend school, make new acquaintances and maintain some relationships with them. But you can get tired of this monotonous life. If you want to try something new in Sakura School Simulator, then switch to a raging mod and confront your enemies. You will get access to a huge arsenal of weapons and start fierce battles. But there is no violence and blood here, so the game will be appropriate for absolutely all age groups!

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