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Sakura School Simulator Cat

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Welcome to a thrilling simulator that will take you to a Japanese school. You will become a student who will act in a small town and attend school. What can you be busy with here? You can enjoy absolutely everything in this amazing game. Moreover, you will decide for yourself whether you are living a peaceful life and perform a lot of routine actions or you do not follow the rules and create chaos around! Once you join the game, you will leave your house and start exploring the location. You will meet a lot of personages and you can get acquainted with them. You can establish different relations with your acquaintances – make friends or enemies! But the very first step is to choose your personage. The game offers five playable characters.

Play for a cat!

No matter how strange it may seem, you can even play for a cat! It is Cat Butler who lives in an amusement park! He has a very funny appearance and wear a cute suit. The personage has superpowers – he can attack with fire and shockwave. If you decide to transform in this character, you will have to complete a lot of tasks on his behalf and boost his reputation, as well as improve all other parameters. Take part in multiple mini-games, solve various puzzles, make friends and earn money for your Cat Butler. It will be a really thrilling experience to enjoy Sakura School Simulator and study this environment through the eyes of the cat! Do not miss this unique chance!

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