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Sakura School Simulator

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As you know well simulators are mainly devoted to some profession or creativity. But this time, you will be able to enjoy a really unique project. You will study in a Japanese school here. So what are you supposed to do in this case? Everything is simple – you just need to live a life a regular Japanese student. Actually, developers will give you enough characters, scenarios, and tools, and only you choose how to enjoy them for the best gaming experience. Let’s get started?

Where to start?

To begin with, you must create your character – it can be a schoolboy or a schoolgirl, and even a cat! The next step is to make the protagonist unique. There are plenty of options to personalize your personage – as you progress in the game, you will unlock a lot of extra items to add to your hero. Once you are done with this task, your avatar will appear in the world of Sakura School Simulator. Now just question yourself what you are up to? You can make friends, find your mate and enjoy a quiet school life, explore the city or even go crazy, steal weapons from the yakuza office and create chaos. In other words, you yourself create your story in this virtual universe. It is only your imagination that can limit your actions. So try to be creative and continuously invent new adventures and funny situations!

Do not miss missions and updates!

When you start the game, you will have zero reputation and no money. But it is in your power to increase them. You will have to complete lots of missions within the prescribed time and find ways to earn money. Walk around the lovely city of Sakura as much as you want, interact with many different characters, visit their homes and even start romantic relations with them. Do you prefer to go to school like a normal student – then do not miss to attend classes and complete lots of tasks. Or would you better break the rules and organize chaos in your city? Then find some weapons and enter merciless confrontations with your enemies. Everything depends on you! But you should know that this project does not support violence. There is no blood or death here. Even if you attack your opponents or crash your car – they will fully respawn in some time. Thus, this engaging simulator can be played by the youngest players with no issues. The work on the project is still underway – do not miss updates that will allow you to participate in new mini-games and have more fun!

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