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Dog Simulator 3D

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If you love games with pets, this one is going to become one of your favorite ones. But this time, you will play a very unusual role. You yourself will turn into a dog! There are eight different breeds you can choose from. Now it is time to live your life in the skin of this animal and go through unbelievable adventures. Are you definitely ready for this challenge?

Live a life of a dog!

It is really exciting to study the surrounding world with the eyes of a dog. But now you need to master all the tricks a dog can perform with ease. You will control your hero and help him run forward and jump over huge rings with bones. You can have a lot of fun here – you will catch flying balls and jump on the trampoline. There are 60 levels with different missions awaiting you in this fun simulator. Try to pass each one in as short time as possible and set your record in this game – you will receive valuable rewards for all your achievements. Join now to see what a life of dog is like.

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