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Are you fond of simulators? We have a new one for you to enjoy! It is Sakura School Simulator, and this time you will immerse yourself in a flow of really exciting adventures! You become a student that attends a Japanese school. Do you want to see how everything is arranged there? Then let’s not waste any more time – join this thrilling project now.

Customize your character!

You will be given enough freedom in Sakura School Simulator, and even character creation is your responsibility. There are several personages you can choose from – you can become a boy, a girl, or even a cat! You can further customize them by changing your hair, eyes and other features. Moreover, the reputation of the protagonists also depends on your choices. The game allows to choose the path of a positive character. In this case, you will attend school classes, interact with other students, make friends, and even fall in love. Do you find it boring to perform a good role for a long time?

Then, here is another plotline – you can make enemies and confront them! There are enough weapons here to organize unbelievable chaos around. You will have to attack dangerous bosses and delete them. But at the same time, you will not see much blood around – all attacked personages immediately respawn and return to the gameplay! No matter what option looks more attractive to you, there are a lot of missions that need to be completed. Try not to miss any task here – successful performance will immediately improve your reputation.

Stay as active as possible!

Sakura School Simulator offers endless ways to interact with the rest of the characters and the environment. You are free to attack, jump, fly with a jetpack, and maintain different types of relations with other heroes. Depending on your preferred character, you will be able to choose from several communication options. You will know how to communicate with animals, visit houses of other residents of Sakura town, kill your enemies, go shopping, organize insane races, change clothes and perform daily hygiene rituals. As you see, you can enjoy whatever activity you like. Your task is to become the most popular student or a really hated one. And you have all the tools for achieving it. The developers keep adding new mini-games to make the walkthrough more enjoyable. So look for new updates and have even more fun! You will never get bored with Sakura School Simulator.

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