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Papa’s Pizzeria

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If you love games devoted to cooking and cuisine, then Papa’s Pizzeria is a project you should not miss. What is it all about? You will find yourself in the pizzeria owned by Papa Louie. However, he needs to go away for some time. But his business should not stop even for a day. You will play for his assistant who needs to take on the role of the owner and ensure everything works flawlessly.

What are your responsibilities?

The place is very popular, and the flow of visitors never ends. Everyone wants to order something different. At first, go to the reception point, where you need to carefully write down each order and pay attention to what you need to add to each pizza. Then you must carefully select the required elements and mix them properly. Do not forget you have to move very fast as there are lots of hungry customers anticipating their food. If you make them wait, they will not be satisfied. Do your best to make each client happy and do not mix their orders.

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