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School Bus Driver

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This game is not a race but be prepared for lots of driving! Everything is simple – you will become a driver of a school bus. It seems that there is nothing difficult in this task. But you will find yourself in an unknown city where you need to strictly follow the route to complete the mission. The only mission is to stop the bus on the station and collect schoolchildren to deliver them to school.

How to successfully complete the level?

You will see the compass in the top left corner of the screen. Look carefully where the red point is – this is your next destination point. You must arrive at all bus stations and collect all your little passengers to move to the next level. There are lots of levels in this entertainment, and every time the tasks become more complicated. Be very careful when you are carrying children not to get into an accident. At the same time, all controls are very simple – you just need to monitor the route not to miss the right turning. Check it now whether you will cope with this role!

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