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Sakura School Simulator Update

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What do you know about the life of a usual Japanese school? We bet you know absolutely nothing if you did not play Sakura School simulator! What is it about? This story will allow you to transform into a student who lives in a small Japanese town and attends a school here. His life is full of adventures and various funny situations inspired by real-life. Are you ready to feel yourself what it looks like?

Select your character

At first, you need to select your protagonist. The game offers several playable heroes – it can be a boy or a girl, and even a cat! You will find a lot of customization opportunities. Make sure you study them all to create a really unique personage. You will be able to select not only his appearance but also influence the type of life he will lead in this virtual world. Once you complete your protagonist, make sure to earn enough experience points and boost other parameters. For this, you will have to complete a lot of missions within designated time. You can even earn money as you play. In other words, you must continuously stay active to progress here!

Enjoy many different things!

Sakura School Simulator gives you freedom of action – it stimulates your creativity and encourages you to invent new adventures without a stop. You can just enjoy the life of a simple student with all the related routine – attend school and interact with other characters. You can make friends, meet interesting people, and even get married here! Alternatively, you can make enemies as well in this virtual world. In this case, you must get ready for revenge. So do not miss to test a raging mode and experiment with weapons! It is vital to mention that even this version does not contain any elements of violence. You will not see any blood or dead personages – they will just become inactive for some time and then return to senses. Do not miss updates – the authors of the project continuously add new mini-games and other novelties to make the gameplay even more exciting. Do not think twice – dive into adventures today!

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