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First Day Of School

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Welcome to an exciting adventure, where you will play for a young girl. She is a new person in the school and needs to show herself from the best side. Will you help her? The game starts when the heroine arrives at a new location and comes to a new school. Now it depends entirely on her whether she will become popular in a new company. The task of the player is to transform the character in the best way possible.

Make your hero a beauty

The controls are very simple – you will easily follow all the necessary steps. Start from the makeup – you will see multiple options for eye and lip colors, face and hairdos, and much more. Then you will have to select the best outfits for your personage. To complete your transformation, do not forget to select decorations for her. Now, you are ready to enter school and impress everyone around. This entertainment will be especially interesting for the girls who adore dressing activities. Have fun and experiment with multiple versions.

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